Machinery dealerships regularly part-exchange used equipment to enable the sale of new machinery. In 2015, as part of a larger piece of work, we were commissioned by a dealership to produce a mobile app to allow their sales team to gather all required information on part-exchange machinery.


To collect the information on the 2nd hand machines the sales team were using a combination of paper forms, notes and photographs from mobiles. This made it difficult to gather, collate and  organise the information, plus manual entry was needed into admin systems and in marketing. In addition the information was often incomplete and not supplied in a standardised format.


We created a mobile app, designed for use on an ipad (although could be adapted for use on other mobile devices), and made it available via the App Store. The sales team were supplied with ipads, with the appraisals app downloaded.

On the app each sales person has their own unique username and password and they have the ability to:

  • add/ edit and delete machines for appraisal
  • use the comprehensive form to enter machine information
  • key fields are pre-populated with customer and machine data
  • include up to 8 images either from photo library or from the camera role
  • sync appraisals to the central CRM system when they have signal (it is not neccessary to have a signal to gather the information)

All synched information is automatically loaded into a specific appraisals area in the CRM, so that they can be correctly appraised and all information easily managed and distributed to enable checking, maintenance, resale etc.



The app was quickly adopted by the sales team who found it very easy to use. The dealership now has a fast and effective means of capturing and managing information on part-exchange machines, which has resulted in significant efficiency savings and improved ability to resell.

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