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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • July 26, 2022
  • 3 minute read

When we’re discussing the creation of a new website it’s common for the site hosting to be an afterthought. It rarely gets a great deal of consideration beyond ‘yes, we need that’ or ‘what do we need that for?’. 

All websites need hosting, they need to exist on a server somewhere. When someone visits your site, they are directed to your hosting so that they can access the pages, downloads, videos etc. So your hosting has a direct bearing on the experience your visitors receive. Your hosting should deliver your website quickly and securely, 24/7. Any server has only finite resources, if you overload those resources things start to go wrong. Adequate storage capacity, processing speed and bandwidth are key to consistent and fast site delivery, as is first-class security.

We started hosting websites in 2007, back then sites were generally quite simple and there were limited hosting options. Most sites were on ‘shared’ hosting, meaning they were sharing a server with other websites. Things could go wrong if the server resources and security were not carefully managed. Some companies hosted their own sites, on their own internal servers, which was unusual. The majority of companies used fast-growing hosting companies to host their websites, often going via professional hosting partners like ourselves.

These days almost all websites are hosted by professional hosting companies, who take server space in large data centres. Shared hosting is still common, but other options exist, including Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which are dedicated areas within larger servers.

Over the years we’ve evolved our hosting service, finding the best hosting companies to partner with and providing a completely managed service to our clients. We take all the headaches away, ensuring you have the most appropriate hosting for your requirements, backed up by our proactive, friendly service. We host hundreds of business websites, we also provide domain name registration and business email services. We are also WordPress website hosting specialists.

For more information about our hosting services please see our hosting page and for further information please contact us.

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