Digital marketing is a very young industry and one we love being involved in. It’s both creative & technical, fast moving and requires knowledge & skill to do a good job. In common with many young industries there’s a wide variety of different types of agencies out there offering their services, good, bad & ugly.

Currently we are rebuilding 2 websites created by other digital agencies. These sites have been live for less than 12 months, but are not delivering as they should be, creatively or technically. Neither of these sites were cheap, both around the £10K mark, too much for what was actually delivered and in one case significantly overpriced. We are having to start from scratch with both websites, all the time working to rebuild trust and deliver a result that the client will be truly happy with. These situations are not great for anyone involved, especially the client who has been let down, so why did the initial sites go so badly wrong?

In both cases the agencies involved found themselves out of their depth, though they had experience, they failed to brief the jobs in sufficient detail and were caught out later. In one case they had design skill but very little technical know-how or understanding of search engines. In the other they selected a website platform they had not used before, had to learn on the job, only later to discover it couldn’t do what the client wanted.

What sits behind these poor experiences for the client are 2 main challenges; 

1. Creating really good websites and digital marketing is genuinely complex and requires skill and knowledge.

2. As a client you are not the expert in digital marketing, so it can be very difficult to tell which agency is most suitable for your job.

Overcoming these challenges is not easy, but for us the key element is taking time to learn about the client, what they want us to deliver and to educate and empower so that they have a good understanding of the work required. We also make sure we are transparent and fair in all our dealings and if we feel we are out of our depth we say so.

So if you want to avoid being bushwhacked out there, take your time to select your supplier, check out their work, get references, engage with the detail and question anything you’re not clear about.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs